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It’s a rare breed that can play both field and box lacrosse goalie at the pro level. 

Brett Dobson is one of those rare birds. In the best way possible!

Dude is a pro on the PLL Archers and Team Canada in the outdoor game and he’s a pro on the Georgia Swarm (1st round draft pick) in the indoor game. 

And on top of all that…

He’s also an awesome goalie coach!!

He created the BD45 Goaltending School to pass on his knowledge of the goalie position to the next generation of youth keepers. 

That’s why I’m so pumped to announce this project I’ve been working on with Dobbers to create the most amazing box lacrosse goalie training that exists!

And let’s be honest - there isn’t much that exists, right? 

I've seen a few box goalie training videos out there done by retired goalies teaching the game but many of those videos are out of date or don't dive into the nuances of the game that I know you’re looking for.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn the box goalie position inside and out from a current and up and coming pro like Dobson who grew up playing in the rinks of Ontario, Canada.  

Train virtually with the best and level up your youth's box goalie game so he/she can be the hero of the team and earn more game balls than you have space for in the trophy case!

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Brett Dobson Box Goalie Course

What is in the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course?

Rather than just drop a few lessons we wanted to make this training course as complete as possible. 

EVERYTHING you need to know to level up your box goalie game. 

Something you can revisit every season with your coach and pro goalie Brett Dobson in your corner

Or something you can review with your son or daughter if you are a box goalie Dad/Mom. 

Here is the course agenda:

Module 1 - Gear

  • Basic explanation of all gear required
    • Does it change by age group?
  • How do you pick the correct equipment
  • Where to buy 
  • How to properly fit the equipment

Module 2 - Basics of Box Goalie

  • Stance
    • Arm position, stick position, feet position
    • How to hold the stick
  • Arc / Angles / Positioning
    • Flat arc vs high arc pros/cons
  • Save Movement
  • Clearing

Module 3 - Specific Situations

  • Preventing or dealing with Rebounds 
  • Defending Fakes
  • 1x1 / Breakaway Tips 
  • Tips/cues to read the ball
  • Box Goalie Warmup Routine
  • Tips for brand new box goalies
  • Communication with the defense
  • Playing the ball at X 
  • Playing Bounce Shots
  • Defending Crease Dives
  • Tips for inside shots
  • Tips for outside shots
  • When and how to step out of the net
  • Common mistakes

Module 4 - Drills

  • Drills to do alone
  • Strength / workout exercises
  • To improvement movement
  • To improve positioning
  • To improve reaction time
  • Stick skills
  • Drills for stepping and explosion

Module 5 - Save Breakdowns

  • Listen to Dobson break down saves and specific plays from the Georgia Swarm vs. the Halifax Thunderbirds from the 2023 season

See something we missed? 

We’ll also be doing some live Q&A calls with Brett Dobson so you can ask any questions that you have after reviewing the training. 

Recordings of the calls available in the course if you cannot attend live! 

This is seriously the coolest goalie training I've seen. Dobbers suits up in front of the goal to explain techniques and drills while you get to see that in action with his teammate shooting on him or from actual game tape.

Check out this little excerpt from the Inside Shots lesson:

Bonus #1: Private Group Chat

Everyone who joins the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course will get access to our private group chat.

Instant access to ask Coach Dobson, Coach Damon, Coach Evan anything that's one your mind. 

Also great way to get in contact with other awesome box goalies from around the world. 

Bonus #2: Lax Goalie Rat Academy: Lifetime Access!   

The Lax Goalie Rat Academy is Coach Damon's vault of field lacrosse goalie training but there is also 50+ videos dedicated to the mental game which box goalies need (perhaps even more!). 

Anyone who joins the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course gets lifetime access to the Lax Goalie Rat Academy as well. 

This is an incredible value as Coach Damon regularly adds new training videos to the library that already contains thousands of hours of training from the best coaches in the sport in pro and D1 All-American goalies. 

Also includes access to the "Lacrosse Goalie Super Mom/Dad" course specifically for parents to navigate the challenges of having a young goalie in the house. 

This bonus is worth the price of entry on its own. 

Join the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course!


How Much Does it Cost?

With all the value that’s packed into this course I genuinely think it’s worth in the thousands.

It’s a training tool you can revisit over and over again every box season or wherever you hit a little lull. Get this training for your club goalie or coach and never have to worry about lack of box goalie knowledge again! 

We did want to keep the group we work with on the smaller side to give everyone adequate attention who goes through this course. So for the launch we're discounting the price down to:



The price will double after the launch so definitely take advantage if you want this amazing box goalie training tool in your arsenal.

Join the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course!

15-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee


This training has the power to take your box goalie's game to a whole new level!

That’s not hyperbole — that’s based on real results Brett Dobson has gotten working with lacrosse goalies. 

But if you feel like you don't get value from the training, email Coach Damon and Team Lax Goalie Rat ( within 15 days and we'll give you a no-hassle refund.

The best part is this: If you think there's even a 'slight chance' that this Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course could help out your son or daughter, you should join! 

No guess work needed. Take the training, see for yourself.

And if it works, your indoor goalie will never be the same.

Your goalie will be able to confidently walk onto the rink for practice or games, knowing they've taken training from the best!

So that's why we're happy to offer a 15-day money back guarantee. It's really a no-brainer.

Join the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course!

Listen to What Folks Are Saying About Dobson's Training Course...


What is the #1 Challenge You Have as a Box Goalie?

Do any of these sound familiar to you? 

  • Cost of protection (pads, gloves)
  • Protecting the top portion of the net, while still being in an athletic/spring loaded position to attack the ball.
  • I get nervous when they do a bounce shot because it goes way faster
  • Moving with the pads
  • Not getting immediate feedback from coaching to eliminate bad habits
  • Not a lot of information.. Especially when it comes to converting a field goalie to a box
  • Getting equipment and access to any coaching
  • Limited knowledge and even less coaches in Aust. Plus getting equipment!
  • No coaching, no one around us knows how to teach box goalies
  • Finding coaches who know the position, and off season camps/support
  • Arc/angle control
  • Finding Good coaching
  • Not enough training opportunities in my area
  • I struggle with the mental game
  • Not having coaching and poor loaner equipment (can't afford a whole set on top of regular lacrosse gear).
  • No training, just discovery learning
  • Giving up too much space on outside shots.
  • Explaining to field coaches that playing box lacrosse is beneficial to a field goalie, so many naysayers get in the way of kids having fun.
  • Stick position
  • Very few goalie coaches
  • Specific work out program for goalies.
  • Staying upright in prep for another shot and not dropping
  • No local development available

If you can relate to some of those challenges, you’re not alone! 

Tackling these challenges head on is what we’ve set out to in the Brett Dobson Complete Box Goalie Training Course.

Join the Brett Dobson Box Goalie Training Course!